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On your own way

Certainly, you don’t have to travel in a group to Mongolia. This can also be individually. Then you are completely unbound, can decide what you want to see myself, the time frame and the shape is inserted himself.

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Decide for yourself...

You can experience in Mongolia the most varied landscapes: the north, the tundra with vast forests, in the center of the famous steppe landscape with widely extended valleys and their typical for Mongolia herds of horses as well as in the South Gobi desert with their typical desert landscape. The Altai Mountains with its secluded valleys will probably pull every mountain lover under its spell. For smaller or larger group, the program, car + interpreting and you can start. Suggestions as to what would be interesting to come from us, but the way you can also like to change again, depending on your taste. Whether 14 or 21 days, you decide.

The journey itself compose parts together so until it is optimal. These are our Mongolia blocks. The give you the opportunity to put together the right thing from a variety of components. Everything is possible.

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Steppenfuchs Privat...

Steppenfuchs travel private, is the program for the individual customer, who is enthusiastic about a group our traveling but would like to be traveling individually or in a private tour group. Whether. In the Gobi, Altai Mountains, or in the remote eastern part of Mongolia Almost all group tours, we can also vote on their individual needs.

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Stopover Ulaanbaatar

For Mongolia Travelers who are only briefly in the country, for example, if you come by train, we have a special short program, which is coordinated with the train. Three or five days in the country. Short trips in the area, horseback riding, hiking, nomads. Meeting at the station, ticket purchasing and night can be organized by steppe fox travel.

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Rent a Jeep

rent a jeep...

With the Jeep drive yourself, is an option, as you yourself can best explore Mongolia. Steppenfuchs travel has a fitting Offroader to choose for you. Our special feature is that you can take your dream car at summarizes each point in Mongolia. We then need but min. 48 hrs. Lead time.

On request you can get from us a route worked out or even let prepare the entire journey from us.

Steppenfuchs  Travel also offers two trips where you can drive the car himself. For these trips, our team travels with them to the separate vehicle and helps you there where help is needed. Here you have the opportunity to follow our proposed journey, or we will work out your own route.

Vehicle and conditions   Fakten / facts
Nissan Pick Up 4 Doors Foto
Price includes. Vehicle for max. four people
  300 Km free / day
Tire and screen protective
Sand and dust protection
Gravel Protection, the glass and paint damage caused by rockfall
Not included: Accident Insurance
  Vehicle Security Deposit 50% of total rent
Benzin / Diesel
Comprehensive cover (incl. Anti-theft protection) with 500 Euro own contribution
Service package: But you want to explore Mongolia on own, while looking to spend no time with accommodation. No problem, you are looking for a out of our trips, you get the distance from us to the "Navi" copied from the vehicle and we will book for you in advance all the nights in yurt camps. You can see the entire day focus on Mongolia and enjoy their holiday. In the evening you will then have expected and your Guestyurt is prepared for you.
  Ask for a free travel offer.
  1 Day 220 €  
  5 Day 1.025 €
  11 Day 2.197 €
  19 Day 3.600 €
Optional services Camping equipment such as tents, gas cooker, etc.
Notes: Vehicle must be at least. Four weeks of purchases before departure.
  After receiving the booking confirmation, the invoice amount is due immediately
in the period between 5.7 - 19.7. 50% surcharge on the rent
Please send a copy of their license when booking (national) and the copy of their passport to us.
Daily possible
Price: without flight
Travel booking:
Book a flight
Other Tours
Self-organized minibus trip
Mongolia drive yourself 14 days
Mongolia drive yourself 21 days
  UAZ Jeep

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