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Opening of borders with Mongolia and restarting of tourism

For tourism in Mongolia, the light in the dark tunnel of the pandemic is in sight. From July 1. 2021 it is again possible to enter Mongolia as a tourist. Read more

Welcome to Mongolia

Steppenfuchs Reisen has been running reliable authentic Mongolia tours as groups or individual tours for many years and has already assisted many guests in fulfilling their Mongolia vacation. It is irrelevant whether you are traveling individually, by jeep, motorcycle, horse, or hiking.

Covering distances to get insights. This necessity, is connected with long ways in Mongolia. You can experience the most different landscapes in Mongolia: in the north the tundra with extensive forests, in the center the famous steppe landscape with vast valleys and its, for Mongolia typical horse herds, as well as in the south the Gobi desert with its typical desert landscape. The Altai Mountains with its lonely valleys will probably fascinate every mountain fan. Motivation means moving, moving in the landscape among the people is an essential concern. To look behind things, to experience them, you can only do if you go to them. Steppenfuchs Reisen is your competent partner for authentic adventure tours in Mongolia. - Steppenfuchs Reisen WE KNOW MONGOLIA

The journeys

Das Reisen in der Mongolei ist immer noch mit Abenteuer verbunden, das Menschen aus aller Welt anzieht. Die Schönheit der Steppe in der Mongolei, ist nicht leicht zu erschließen. Die Landschaft der Mongolei ist Abwechslungsreich und Vielfältig.Der berühmteste Sohn des Landes, der ein ganzes Zeitalter beeinflusst hat, ist Chingges Khan. Er ist allgegenwärtig in der Mongolei. Aber in seinem übermächtigen Schatten, finden sich in dem Land noch viele andere kulturelle Höhepunkte, da die Steppen Zentralasien schon seit jeher ein kultureller Schmelztiegel war.

Mongolei nach Regionen

The east
  • East expedition

  • Active On the way
  • Reiten im Khenti-Gebirge
  • Travel ideas

    You don't know yet exactly what you want to see in Mongolia? No problem! We have collected tips and inspiring pictures from our trips for your individual Mongolia trip.

    This tour by Steppenfuchs Reisen, combines many classic sights of Mongolia. It leads from Ulaanbaatar first to the north and then to the Gobi. This tour is the ideal introduction for anyone who does not know Mongolia yet.

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    During this round trip you will experience the north of Mongolia and the desert landscape of the Gobi with the Vulture Gorge. During the journey through Mongolia you will always have time for the "little things" along the way.

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    If you want to enjoy Mongolia in its original form, this tour is the right choice for you. On this trip you will see the typical landscape of the Achangai Mountains, which is characterized by endless grasslands and mountain massifs with beautiful mountain meadows.

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    Horse and camel riding in Mongolia. The horseback riding tour will lead us through the beautiful and historical Orkhon Valley. We will ride camels along the big sand dune Khongorin Else.

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    Guided motorcycle tour through Russia, Siberia to Mongolia. Motorcycle tour along Lake Baikal, driving through the Siberian lowlands and the Ural Mountains. A motorcycle tour of a special kind.

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    Wüstenfieber als Heilmittel gegen den Alltagsstress? Diese Motorradtour ist zugeschnitten für den Wüstenfreund. Wir durchqueren die Weiten der Gobi. Der Traum von der Herausforderung „Gobi“ regt die Fantasie an und bringt den Kreislauf in Schwung.

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    Discover the unique Tibet and the Himalayas with its highlights and unforgettable Mt.Everest / Himalayan views on this motorcycle tour on BMW motorcycles.

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