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Welcome to Mongolia

Steppenfuchs Reisen has been running reliable authentic Mongolia tours as groups or individual tours for many years and has already assisted many guests in fulfilling their Mongolia vacation. It is irrelevant whether you are traveling individually, by jeep, motorcycle, horse, or hiking.

Entfernungen überbrücken um Einblicke zu erlangen. Diese Notwendigkeit, ist in der Mongolei mit langen Distanzen verbunden. Sie können in der Mongolei die unterschiedlichsten Landschaften erleben: im Norden die Tundra mit ausgedehnten Wäldern, im Zentrum die berühmte Steppenlandschaft mit weitaus gedehnten Tälern und ihren, für die Mongolei typischen Pferdeherden, sowie im Süden die Wüste Gobi mit der für sie typischen Wüstenlandschaft. Das Altai-Gebirge mit seinen einsamen Tälern wird wohl jeden Bergfan in seinen Bann ziehen. Motivation bedeutet Bewegen, sich in der Landschaft unter den Menschen bewegen ist ein wesentliches Anliegen. Hinter die Dinge schauen, sie erfahren, kann man nur, wenn man sich zu ihnen begibt. Steppenfuchs Reisen ist ihr kompetenter Partner für authentische Erlebnisreisen in der Mongolei. – Steppenfuchs Reisen WIR KÖNNEN MONGOLEI

The journeys

Travelling in Mongolia is still connected with adventure, which attracts people from all over the world. The beauty of the Mongolian steppe is not easy to explore. The landscape of Mongolia is varied and diverse.

The most famous son of the country, who influenced a whole century, is Chingges Khan. He is omnipresent in Mongolia. But in his overpowering shadow, the country is home to many other cultural highlights, as the steppes of Central Asia have always been a cultural melting pot.

Travel ideas

You don't know yet exactly what you want to see in Mongolia? No problem! We have collected tips and inspiring pictures from our trips for your individual Mongolia trip.

This tour by Steppenfuchs Reisen, combines many classic sights of Mongolia. It leads from Ulaanbaatar first to the north and then to the Gobi. This tour is the ideal introduction for anyone who does not know Mongolia yet.

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  • Round trip 21 or 14 days
  • Jeep Tour
  • Beginner Tour
  • Travel price from 990 €
  • Round trip 21 or 14 days
  • Jeep Tour
  • Grand round trip
  • Travel price from 1.480 €

During this round trip you will experience the north of Mongolia and the desert landscape of the Gobi with the Vulture Gorge. During the journey through Mongolia you will always have time for the "little things" along the way.

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If you want to enjoy Mongolia in its original form, this tour is the right choice for you. On this trip you will see the typical landscape of the Achangai Mountains, which is characterized by endless grasslands and mountain massifs with beautiful mountain meadows.

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  • 14 days on the road in the center
  • Jeep Tour
  • The unknown Mongolia
  • Travel price from 1.190 €
  • 14 days
  • With horse and camel
  • Combination tour
  • Travel price from 1.220 €

Horse and camel riding in Mongolia. The horseback riding tour will lead us through the beautiful and historical Orkhon Valley. We will ride camels along the big sand dune Khongorin Else.

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Guided motorcycle tour through Russia, Siberia to Mongolia. Motorcycle tour along Lake Baikal, driving through the Siberian lowlands and the Ural Mountains. A motorcycle tour of a special kind.

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  • 28 days through Russia
  • Motorcycle tour
  • Long distance
  • Tour price from 2.410 €
  • 21 days in the Gobi
  • Motorcycle tour
  • For all who love the desert
  • Travel price from 2.720 €

Desert fever as a medicine against everyday stress? This motorcycle tour is specially tailored for the desert lover. We cross the vastness of the Gobi. The dream of the challenge "Gobi" stimulates the imagination and gets the circulation going.

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Discover the unique Tibet and the Himalayas with its highlights and unforgettable Mt.Everest / Himalayan views on this motorcycle tour on BMW motorcycles.

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  • 18 days at the Hymalaya
  • Motorcycle tour
  • With the BMW 1200 GS
  • Travel price from 3.420 €

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