Horse or camel

On all "fours" on the way...
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 Travelling means riding..

Mongolia's grass steppe has been the home of a small, tough horse breed for thousands of years. People still live as nomads and therefore their most important means of transport is the horse. The horses are used as mounts or as pack animals. It is not possible to say exactly how long these small, tough horses have been around, but the first descriptions of the Mongolian horse can be found as early as 2000 B. C. In literature, the Mongolian horse breed is listed as one of the oldest on earth. The Mongolian horse enabled only Chingges - Khan and his successors to achieve great military successes and the expansion of the Mongolian Empire. Mongolia still has more horses than its population.

 Rough skin, cozy core..

Mongolian horses endure the harsh climate of Mongolia all the time outdoors. That it has hardened, but also easily wild. Each horse must, after it was captured by the free pastures again, will only be used once again to the bridle and the saddle. Is this done, it follows the rider unconditionally. The Mongolian horse is relatively calm and therefore also for the beginner riders an optimum horse. If one has only once concluded with the Mongolian horse "Friendship", we have a reliable partner for the entire trip.

Mongolian horses are not very large. The shoulder height is an average of 1.25 to 1.45 cm. For the Europeans, they act more like real wild horses. Overall, they have a rather squat appearance, which is caused by the relatively large head and low physique.


 On the camelback...

The south is home to the camels. Large animals usually a bit shaggy hair. They scour the Gobi and are still an important means of transport. The Story of the Weeping Camel, by chance arose, comes to life in the Gobi. Quiet and majestic looking the animals make their way through the desert. With the camel to get something out, means time have - the slowness of being - creates room for other considerations. Things that are often overlooked, now back closer to the Focus. The time to talk or tea is all.

 Make friends...

The riding trails are suitable for beginners. Move you are all the time experienced Mongolian horse breeders aside, which ensure your safety and well-being and, incidentally, also represent the typical Mongolian steppe life in typical ways.