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Starship on two wheels...

Desert fever can be painful. But somehow the desert fever is also a sweet pain. The dream of the challenge "Gobi" stimulates the imagination and stimulates the circulation. Desert fever as a cure for everyday stress? Riding a motorbike in the gobi is hard to describe, you have to experience it. Riding free through this desert by bike is probably one of the few adventures you should definitely experience. In the Mongolian Gobi, however, endless sand passages are rather rare, but then all the more violent. The part of the Gobi that we will visit with our tours is rather characterized by wide valleys and massive mountain ridges. Of course there are also here extensive sand fields. The largest of the sand dunes in the Mongolian Gobi - Chongorin Els - is just one example.

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Travel time - Time travel...

With the tours, however, it is not only important to us to drive thoughtlessly through the landscape. Action, driving, is one thing, the other is the time for life in the Gobi. Whether human or animal. Stopover yurt, always a welcome opportunity to relax. The time with a "milk tea" becomes a journey through time. Simple living conditions characterize the gobi. There is no room for luxury. Nature sets the rhythm here. If it is possible, we will also exchange the bike for a camel to try this means of transport, which is best suited for the desert.

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Experience horizon - recognize limits...

The main attraction within the Gobi is the Vulture Gorge (Jolyn Am) with its high layers of ice, which are created here in winter by a small river and are still present well into the summer. These include the singing dunes (Chongoryn Els), a sand dune several hundred kilometres long, the Flaming Cliffs (Bajandsag), a rugged rock formation that changes into a blazing red in the light of the setting sun. Even today, when you visit the gobi, you have to prepare for expedition-like conditions. Every participant should be aware of this in advance and therefore it is important that we experience the Gobi as a team. Steppenfuchs Reisen offers three tours to the Gobi. We think that with these tours every desert fan will get his money's worth. The tour plan for Steppenfuchs Reisen is flexible. As far as possible, we will of course also respond to the wishes of the group. On the tours that really go into the desert, the participants should already have experience in off-road driving.

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big gobi tour

Dinosaur bones, rock drawings and desert...

On this tour, let's slow things down a little bit. First we visit some sights in Ulaan Baatar to get used to the time difference, before we go south on the motorcycles. This season the track has been completely reworked, so that we will drive even more in the Gobi.

Southern Mongolia is dominated by the unique landscape of the Gobi Desert. Due to its altitude, the Gobi is a cold desert and therefore not comparable to the Sahara or other deserts. Nevertheless, desert lovers will find parallels in view of the infinite almost uninhabited expanses, the unique sand dunes and rugged rock formations. Once you've experienced the clear starry nights in the Gobi, you won't soon forget them again.

From Ulaan Baatar we first drive through an endless grassy landscape, very gradually the landscape changes towards the dry grassland steppe. The view can wander unhindered to the horizon and the eagle circles over us.

The trip to the hard to reach meltwater formed canyon at the edge of the Nemengt Mountains is one of the highlights of this tour. Wind and sand put the finishing touches to the canyon. The area around the Nemengt Mountains is very sparsely populated. You will hardly find any nomads here anymore. From Nemengt, we return to the more northerly part via less frequented pistes. This tour connects all interesting points of the Mongolian Gobi.

The life of these people is determined by nature and its rhythm. The camel is still the most reliable means of transport in the Gobi, a supplier of wool and meat. During our visits to the nomads, you will experience how the needs of these animals determine life. Memories of the film "The crying camel" are awakened.

This motorcycle tour is tailored for the desert-friend who wants to cross the wide Gobi by motorcycle and is also prepared to move on lonely slopes. It is then rewarded by the uniqueness of the gobi. This tour is very demanding in some sections. The participants should have sufficient experience in off-road driving.

Lagerplatz in der Steppe
Genug Raum zum Fahren
Im Sandmeer der Gobi
Red Cliff's in der Gobi
Treffen in der Gobi
Schwarze Wüste
Harter Kontrast, Wüste - Wasser - Wiesen
Pause mit der Gruppe
Steppenfuchs Team träumt vom Fahren
Pause in der Gobi
Stecken geblieben
Reparatur unterwegs
Khongoriin Else, die grosse Sanddüne

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