0. Day Afternoon / Evening arrival at the departure point
1. Day Departure towards Poland, border crossing. Continue to the end of Poznan. The trip through Poland "pulls" itself, because of the many small villages we have to pass.
2. Day Continue towards Lithuania, visit Kaunas. We will pass the Masurian Lake District and will mainly be on smaller roads.
3. Day Continue towards the Baltic States. Overnight stay in Latvia.
4. Day Drive to the Russian border. Border crossing. Crossing the border to Russia is always an exciting experience and takes us to another world.
5. Day If there are no problems with crossing the border, we will continue our journey in Russia to Moscow. We collect the first impressions of Russia. But first some formalities have to be done right after the border, e. g. taking out insurance, exchanging money etc.
6. Day Arrival in Moscow
7. Day One day stay in Moscow, city tour. Moscow the heart of Russia, a megacity and here we will have a day rest from the first 2000 km.
8. Day Continue towards to Valdimir and Nichniy Novgorod, sightseeing of Vladimir. Vladimir is one of the oldest Russian cities. Continue towards Nichniy Novgorod.
9. Day Visit of Nichniy Novgorod and drive to Kazan. In the late afternoon we will cross the river Volga. Before that, there is the possibility to buy special fish specialities like caviar at a small market. Visit city of Kazan. This is the northernmost mosque in Russia.
10. Day Drive to Izhevsk and continue towards the Ural Mountains. The city is particularly marked by the weapons industry. The prominent Russian weapons designer Mikhail Kalashnikov lived there until his death.
11. Day Arrival in Ekatarinenburg, now we are in Siberia (Siberia, all behind the Ural Mountains). Before we cross the continental border between Europe and Asia. Sightseeing tour of Ekatarinenburg. The Romanov family (the last "Zar" of Russia) was murdered here. Drive on to the Siberian steppe.
12. Day Bypass from Kazakhstan. This saves a total of four border controls and a lot of time.
13. Day Arrival in Omsk, sightseeing. The rest of the day is for recreation.
14. Day Depending on the weather conditions, we drive along the old route towards Novosibirsk.
15. Day Drive on to Novosibirsk.
16. Day In the afternoon arrival in Novosibirsk, city tour
17. Day Start of the penultimate stage to Irkutsk. Now the route leads slowly to the north and into the mountains. Arrival in Krasnoyarsk.
18. Day From Krasnoyarsk, the route runs along the Transsib. This part is very nice, as it crosses many small typical Russian villages.
19. Day We still drive towards Irkutsk, through lonely Siberian forests.
20. Day Arrival in Irkutsk, sightseeing. The rest of the day is for relaxation.
21. Day Excursion from Irkutsk to Lake Baikal and Lisvianka.
22. Day Continue towards Ulaan Ude. Overnight stay on the southern shore of Lake Baikal
23. Day On less trafficked tracks, the way leads into the surrounding area of Lake Baikal (optional, depending on how snow-free the trails are).
24. Day Visit of Ulaan Ude, overnight stay near the Russian border
25. Day Beginning with Russian border clearance.
26. Day Continue towards Ulaanbaatar
27. Day Arrival in Ulaanbaatar
28. Day Sightseeing tour of Ulaanbaatar, excursions in the area, cultural program
29. Day Return flight
  *)Program and route may be subject to change. The itinerary is binding, as sent in the booking confirmation.