Sain Baina uu

Welcome to Mongolia

For sure your first look at Mongolia, will be from an airplane, or if you are traveling by train, through the window of your train compartment. Regardless of which direction you come to Mongolia, you will always be welcomed as the first of the endless landscape. Who wants to experience the originality of Mongolia, have to get out into the countryside. In the gently undulating infinity of grasslands. In the plate sandy universe the Gobi desert. In the bizarre clip cosmos of the Altai Mountains or in the grass sea, the steppe in eastern Mongolia.

Mongolia has a rich culture and history. For centuries, the people living here in the barren and harsh landscape and have adapted to the harsh conditions and it spawned a unique culture. The does not provide the individual in the foreground, but the community. Share and cooperation, instead of "mine," and against each other. The central point of the nomadic society is the yurt. These proven round tents made of felt, stand out the same huge mushrooms of the endless green of the landscape. They give protection and also invite every stranger you to linger.

The country on the brink of new beginnings to modern times. Only a few years can travel to Mongolia without big problems. This seclusion of any external influences that still preserves the country largely in its original state. Time has come, gets another dimension and is used for things that appear to the host as marginal.

This is Mongolia

Mongolia is not for mass tourism. The local conditions are still quite simple and require the host a high willingness to admit satisfied with the simple things, also the journey season is very short. The country has so much to offer. Especially sports fans as riders, hikers, boaters, hikers and nature lovers are fully come here at your cost.

And when I go now the best in this country? To answer this question correctly will depend on in which region you would like to Travelling. The Gobi is best to visit in the spring, then when the desert "blooms", ie end of May. The north and the Altai Mountains is best time in August. I myself am like the beginning / end of September to travel in the country. Then the nights getting pretty cold, the days still very warm and the whole country is full of autumnal ripe, in anticipation of the winter.