Individual travel

On your own way...

 Decide for yourself...

Certainly, you don’t have to travel in a group to Mongolia. This can also be individually. Then you are completely unbound, can decide what you want to see myself, the time frame and the shape is inserted himself.

You can experience in Mongolia the most varied landscapes: the north, the tundra with vast forests, in the center of the famous steppe landscape with widely extended valleys and their typical for Mongolia herds of horses as well as in the South Gobi desert with their typical desert landscape. The Altai Mountains with its secluded valleys will probably pull every mountain lover under its spell.

For smaller or larger group, the program, car + interpreting and you can start. Suggestions as to what would be interesting to come from us, but the way you can also like to change again, depending on your taste. Whether 14 or 21 days, you decide.

The journey itself compose parts together so until it is optimal. These are our Mongolia blocks. The give you the opportunity to put together the right thing from a variety of components. Everything is possible.


 Steppenfuchs Privat...

  Steppenfuchs travel private, is the program for the individual customer, who is enthusiastic about a group our traveling but would like to be traveling individually or in a private tour group. Whether. In the Gobi, Altai Mountains, or in the remote eastern part of Mongolia Almost all group tours, we can also vote on their individual needs.

 Stopover Ulaanbaatar...

  For Mongolia Travelers who are only briefly in the country, for example, if you come by train, we have a special short program, which is coordinated with the train. Three or five days in the country. Short trips in the area, horseback riding, hiking, nomads. Meeting at the station, ticket purchasing and night can be organized by steppe fox travel.

From A - Z ...

  Old-passion because myself so arrived here, the service for car drivers. The customs clearance is still an adventure of a special class. Perhaps not everyone taste. Therefore, our offer, which we'll do the necessary bureaucracy in advance.
pfeil Providing tents and camping Equipment
pfeil Obtaining special permits for the border areas
pfeil Organisation of motorcycles
pfeil For car drivers; customs clearance
pfeil Sample calculation vehicle clearance
pfeil Registration of vehicles
pfeil Vehicle garaging / overwintering
pfeil Digital and normal maps
pfeil Mongolian driverlicense
pfeil And much more