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Center of power of times gone by...

On the eastern edge of Archangaj mountains, there is also the birthplace of the former Mongol empire: Karakorum (Black Mountain), the former capital of the greatest empire of all time. Located in the Orkhon Valley, on the edge of Arkhangai mountains. In this valley are located in the vicinity also of cultural history much older empires. These include tombs Old Turkish khans, the ruins of Ost Uighur capital Char Balgas and the other capitals of various steppe and Old Turkish empires. But best known probably the monastery complexes of the largest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, Erdene zuu. These sites are all within the area of the Orkhon Valley, which is one of the most scenic regions of Mongolia.

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Gods and volcanoes...

The Archangaj Mountains is a large block almost in the center of Mongolia. Its highest elevations reach over 4000 mtr. Otgon Tenger with 4021 mtr., Not only cult site, but also embedded in a unique landscape. The summits are usually all summer covered with snow. In the valleys numerous larch forests occur. One of the most interesting landscapes in Mongolia is the finale of Arkhangai mountains west. Here, the landscape changes dramatically, just barely Mountains with lush meadows and then desert pure. Only little is known is this region of Mongolia. Tourist undeveloped, the area offers plenty of space for your own exploration. The largest sand dune area in Mongolia is located here, as well as many small, completely enclosed by sand, freshwater lakes. Steppenfuchs travel offers since 2011 in this region, the first "expedition" to travel. In the northern Archangaj - mountains are green meadows and clear lakes. In the valleys of the mountain ridges you will encounter plenty of woods. This is also the most beautiful lake in Mongolia, Tsagaan Nuur Terchijn. From the crater rim of Khorgo, an extinct volcano near the lake, have led only to damming a watercourse, and subsequent formation of the lake whose eruptions, one has the best view of the lake and also over much of the northern Archangaj.

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Enjoy contrasts...

The whole contrary, forms the southern Archangaj. Here the influences of the Gobi are clearly recognizable. The landscape is treeless barren much as in the north. But this region of Mongolia offers interesting destinations. Most notable in this area undoubtedly the hot springs of Schargalshuut. You are not only in a very charming valley, they are considered as a special healing source. Steppenfuchs travel offers for the central part of Mongolia on two different tours that include all of these attractions. Of course, we can also in agreement with you to work out a special journey in which we deal with much more concentrated that which you most interested.

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Mongolia the classic

Tour, which connects the most important thing...

This tour combines many of Mongolia's classic attractions. It starts from Ulaanbaatar to the north and then to the Gobi. This tour is the ideal starting point for anyone who is not yet familiar with Mongolia and would like to experience as many interesting areas as possible in the country. Highlights include the visits of the Amarbajasgant and Erdene zuu monasteries (Karakorum) and the area around the Geierschlucht. Amarbajasgant is not far from the newly built asphalt road between Darchan and Erdenet in a very beautiful valley. The landscape and the tranquility of the monastery completely captivate every viewer

Karakorum is the cradle of Mongolia and the ancient capital of the medieval Mongolian empire. South of Karakorum, the landscape gradually passes into the Gobi. Within the Gobi, the geysers' gorge, with its unique deserts and canyons and Bajandsag, with its mighty rock formations, is a special natural experience. Until late in the summer, the narrow and narrow vulture gorge is filled with ice from the previous winter. With some luck, you can find petrified dinosaur bones in Bajandsag. This part of the tour follows the legendary explorer Sven Hedin.

Besides a varied route, you will also have the opportunity to experience the nomadic life. Our driver, as well as the guide, will endeavor to address the nomad families as often as possible. This is a great way to find out about the state of the route and also to exchange news from the city.

All accommodation in country-style yurts (two occupancy) and / or hotel.

This trip is also available with a modified program and route guidance, as a 21 day trip..

This trip can also be booked individually under the Steppenfuchs Reisen private program. An individual round trip to your dates. Send us an if you would like to participate in this round trip under the Steppenfuchs Reisen private conditions?

If you want to drive yourself. Steppenfuchs Reisen offers this trip starting from the season 2020, in cooperation with SIXT mongolia, to the self drive. You will get an all-terrain vehicle from SIXT from us, we book all the accommodations on the route for you, the entire Reiseroute with many additional information is on the Navi in the vehicle and you can start your trip through Mongolia in your own planning. Only you need a driving license.




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