1.Day Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, airport transfers, hotel check-in, program meeting. After that we will visit Ulaanbaatar. They are the famous Gandan Monastery with 27 mtr. high Buddha statue. View Lama, the eminent lamas in the history of Mongolian Buddhism, and a small city tour are also on the program - The Monastery Museum of Tschojdshjin. In the evening visit a folklore presentation with traditional musical instruments, Snake Girl and the famous throat singing.
2.Day Departure to Bulgan. But first we make a stop in Khustain Nuruu National Park. Here we are able to observe the reintroduced Przewalskij horses. The Przewalskij horses are considered the living ancestral horses and they have survived Zoo only due to the use of Bremer Hagenbeck. Then we drive through the Mongolian steppe towards the village of Orkhon, on the eponymous river. The journey takes us through an unforgettable landscape. Pure In other words, steppe. The night you will spend on the banks of the Orkhon.
3.Day From the Orkhon we drivin to the district capital Bulgan. Here we have the opportunity to supplement our supplies before continuing on to extinct "uran Togo" volcano, which can be translated as "perfect". We will climb the volcano, from which you have a beautiful view over the mountainous countryside. We are then on the longest river in Mongolia and main tributary of Lake Baikal, the drive "Selenge" where we spend the night.
4.Day Crossing the river. Drive to Murun. The landscape through which we ride now, is completely different from the rest of Mongolia. Forested hillsides and large clear rivers, are the distinctive signs of this region. On the way we come to the remains of past civilizations past. Continue heading north for Khovsguul lake, the sea of the Mongols.
5.Day Rest and relax at the Khuvsgul Lake. You have the option on the lake shore to take long walks, to swim in the crystal clear waters, or explore with the ubiquitous horses landscape. Called This lake, the "blue pearl of Mongolia" sits majestically in the northern mountains. The lake is the "little brother" of Lake Baikal. Originally both lakes were interconnected. Here is also the home of the "reindeer people" (Delicate). In this region is also of shamanism, a religion of nature, very widespread. We will have the opportunity to experience one of these shamanistic rituals.
6.Day Today we leave the Lake Khuvsgul and go first back to Murun. Here we will supplement our supplies and then continue south to Tsagaan Nuur Terchjin (Weiser Lake). We will need a good two Daye, until we reach the lake. Right next to the town of Moron, we will take a short detour to the tombs of "Uushigiin". The tombs date from the Bronze Age and there are around a lot of deer stones. Afterwards you will drive into the central part of Mongolia.
7.Day From the village of Shine Ider, when we stayed, it goes today to Tsagaan Nuur Terchjin. Because the lake we will reach in the afternoon. The lake is formed by a volcanic eruption, and there are plenty of lava fields in its surroundings. The landscape around the lake is one of the highlights of Mongolia. We spend the afternoon with hikes around the lake.
8.Day The Day is reserved for excursions in the area of Tsagaan Nuur Terchjin. You will climb the Khorgo Volcano, visit a ice cave and in the afternoon, if the water permits, go for a swim in Tsagaan Nuur Terchjin. We are the Khorongo volcano climb which until well into the 19th yrs. a sanctuary was.
9.Day Departure from Tsagaan Nuur Terchjin direction of Tsetserleg, visit to the tree with 100 branches (holy place in Mongolia) and a canyon of Chuluut River. Evening: Arrival in Tsetserleg. Next trip to the hot springs of Tsenker.
10.Day In the morning we drive through rolling hills to Ogii Nuur. This lake is a special habitat, because here make very many migratory birds rest. There are extra a birding station that interested are welcome to visit. In the afternoon we can finish at rest on the lakeshore, or take a small horse riding.
11.Day For a whole day on Ogii Nuur. The Ogii Nuur is the largest lake in the region. The lake is fed by underground freshwater springs and lies nestled in a mountain landscape. Hat you have the opportunity to relax a little. You can go hiking along the shore, to travel by horse, or go to bird watching station and watch the magnificent diversity of bird life on the lake. The lake is an important bird resting place of many species of birds, on their way across the Gobi. Of course you can also just relax by the lake.
12.Day Drive towards Karakorum, visit the monastery Erdene Zuu and the excavation site of the former capital of Mongolia. In the afternoon continue to Hognoo Han mountains and overnight in the unique mountain world.
13.Day Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, check-in hotel and the afternoon you will have free time in Ulaanbaatar.
14.Day return flight
*) Program and route are subject to change. Binding is the itinerary, as it will be sent in the booking confirmation.