To make best profit of this day trip, we pick you up at your hotel in the early morning. We take the newly constructed comfortable street going east in direction of the national park. The route leads along the Tuul river and you'll be immediately captured by the breath taking landscape. On our way we have a stop at one of the nomadic shacks where you'll have the opportunity to taste „Airak“ the national homemade drink made from horse milk and watch majestic eagles that live here.

Upon our arrival at the park, our first goal is the „turtle rock”. A natural formation, admired by all Mongolians as turtles are a symbol for power and longevity in Mongolian believes. Not far from here, a little treasure - the Aryaval cloisters lay hidden in the forests. Residing in airy heights, it's a place of calm and meditation. A small path, only passable by foot, will guide us across a rope bridge that spans the river valley and up to the cloisters. For our Lunch pick-nick we will choose a pretty spot on the picturesque river banks of the Tuul. After the Lunch break we visit the impressive statue of Dschingges Khan. Errected 200x in the middle of the steppe it stands where -upon a legend- Dchinggis once found a whip of pure gold. With it's 140 foot it is the highest equestrian statue in the world. itting on his giant horse, Chinggis overseas the wide east and looks towards his town of birth. He is surrounded by 36 colons that symbolize the 36 khans (kings) he reigned over. The adjacent museum gives a good impression of the archaeological findings from the Xiongnu cultures within Mongolia. Xiongnu is Chinese and describes the unions of nomads that lived between 300 PC and 400 AC. The Xiongnu founded the first steppen empire to counter the Chinese expansions and ruled over central Asia for several hundred years.

Service invluded

all transfers,

English or German speaking guide,

Lunch (pick-nick)

2l potable water

alll fees