1. Day You'll be picked-up at your hotel in Ulanbataar and we leave the city headed west. As all Mongolians do, we follow the tradition and have a short stop at one of the Ovoos to ask the ghosts for a safe trip. Headed further west, we visit the impressive sand dune in Elsen Tasakhai. From here it's not far to Karakorum where we arrive the late afternoon.

2. Day Excursions in Karakorum. We start at the cloisters of Erdene Zuu. The oldest cloister in Mongolia was founded in 1586 and consist of several temples and buildings that were erected during the following decades. At it's high-times more than 1000 monks shared their daily life here. The cloister was demolished, robbed and rebuild not only once.

From here it's only a few steps to the archaeological excavations of the ancient capital Karakorum. After getting an impression of the local circumstances, a visit to the recently opened museum will give us the possibility to get an profound understanding of the former life in Karakorum.

On the way to the lake Ogii Nuur we visit the pillars of the brothers Bilge and Kulitegin. We will reach the lake late afternoon and use the rest of the day to repose in the unique landscape. You can hike along the banks or use the time to watch an amazing variety of birds at the bird watching station close by.

3. Day With a spectacular view over the lake we start the third day of our short trip. After the breakfast in the surroundings of the calm nature we will head back direction Ulan Baatar. On our way we pass the ruins of Char Buch Balgas from the Kitan era. The ruins date back from 900-1000 AC and possibly were used as a fort.

Our way leads us through the little city of Lun and then directly into Ulan Baatar where we arrive the late afternoon.