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Mongolia for short time...

For those who are short in Mongolia, Steppe Fox Travel has put together some destinations, where you short on the road. Either around Ulaanbaatar, in the Gobi, or north to the Khovsguul See, here however only with domestic flight, or the short trip to the former capital of the Mongol Empire; Karakorum. One thing is for all trips the same, we want to introduce you to in the short time the Mongolian culture. So not only passing but in the midst experience. Our guide introduces you to the Mongolian culture in which we make not only on the historical circumstances.

Ulaanbaatar Town

Ulaanbaatar, or colloquially UB, is the political, economic and cultural center of Mongolia. UB is a young city, but still offers a few highlights. Whether Buddhist, cultural, or scientific. The large Gandan monastery, the monastery of Tschojdshjin - Lama Fine Art Museum or the Natural History Museum with the world famous dinosaur collections are only a few keywords. We want to take you on a walking tour of a city in the steppe with its own charm.

Day trips around Ulaanbaatar

Ulaanbaatar is situated on the southern edge of Khentie Mountains, surrounded by the four sacred mountains and region is very suitable for short trips, where you get a glimpse of the Mongolian culture. To the south the Gobi desert begins to the east and west are wide characteristic grasslands and north the inaccessible mountains Khentie, thus enough choices for everyone.

More day trips

More time, more travel ... Our multi-day program, we want to not only bring to the surrounding areas of Ulaanbaatar, so you can experience the uniqueness of the Mongolian landscape. But we also want to bring a little more distant place. Whether in the North or the short trip to the Gobi, always be close to Mongolia and experience exclusive. Frequently Terelj is in demand and consequently good overrun. We would like to show new unknown regions we have identified for you, because only there you can still experience the originality of Mongolia.

Gobi Dessert

Short trip to the Gobi,....

What is it that has fascinated people about the desert Gobi for centenaries? You'll discover the answer on this amazing trip into the wildness and vastness of the biggest desert in Asia. No one who visits Mongolia should leave it before having seen the Gobi. Endless fields of gravel, steppe as far as you can see and a silence, you couldn't even imagine. The fascinating light phenomenons, the welcoming nomadic families and the diverse plants and wildlife will captivate you and make this trip a unique memorable experience.

Starting point of our excursion is Dalandzagad, central city at the boundaries of the „Gurvan Sayah“ national park. In the famous „canyon of the vultures“ a small river has carved the amazing landscape and assembles huge amounts of ice during winter that often last till late summer.

The sand dune „Khongoriin Els, the highest dune in the Mongolian part of the Gobi is another stop on our trip. At its foot lays a small grassy oasis. The battle between the river and the masses of sand has left many interesting formations that dominate the landscape here.

We visit the „cemetery of the dinosaurs – Bayanzag“ also called “red cliffs”. The cliffs are well known for findings of dinosaur skeletons, Sven Hedin was one of the first explorers who discovered fossils here. In Bayanzag you can also visit the biggest saxaul forrests of the Gobi.





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