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On the way in Mongolia by jeep

For a better overview we have sorted our Mongolia tours thematically and by region. Whether you visit the Gobi, the North, the Altai Mountains, is up to your travel interests. Steppenfuchs Reisen will make your Mongolia trip a unique experience.

Round trips

On a Mongolia round trip from Steppenfuchs Reisen you will experience the impressive vast and natural steppe landscape of Mongolia, which will leave no less lasting impressions. A round trip is the ideal way to get to know the country and the nomadic life. Our tours are professionally planned and you will appreciate the decades of experience.


Knotenpunkt der Seidenstraße, Chinas Sprungbrett ins All, ist die Wüste Gobi. Sie hat Geschichte geschrieben und ist dennoch in vielen Bereichen noch heute eine „Terra Incognita“, eine unbekannte Welt. Von Marco Polo bis Sven Hedin, alle haben von der Gobi berichtet und waren letztlich ihr verfallen. Bei vielen von uns ist diese Wüste mit einer mystischen Vorstellung verbunden. Kein Tourist kann sich eine Reise in die Mongolei ohne einen Besuch in dieser Wüste vorstellen.

Thr North

The area of the Mongolian origin, is located somewhere in the north, between taiga and grass steppe. Two things are characteristic for the north of Mongolia, the Selenge river and the Khovsguul Lake. The north is unusually ethnologically not homogeneous. Haier are many different ethnic groups. The settlement area of the Tsaats is particularly interesting, not only because of their reindeer breeding, but they are also practicing shamans. The shaman with his many tasks, creates the trance contact with the world of spirits.

Central Mongolia

On the eastern edge of the Archangai Mountains, there is also the birthplace of the former Mongol Empire: Karakorum (Black Mountain), the old capital of the greatest empire of all times. Located in the Orkhon Valley, on the edge of the Archangai Mountains. Probably one of the most exciting landscapes in Mongolia is the fading of the Archangai Mountains to the west. Here the landscape changes dramatically, just now mountains with lush meadows and then pure desert. Only little known is this region of Mongolia. Not developed for tourism, the area offers a lot of freedom for your own exploration.

The West - Altai Mountains

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and most varied provinces of Mongolia. The northwest of Mongolia contains alpine mountain landscape - the Mongolian Altai - with the highest mountains in Mongolia. large bizarre drainless lakes, as well as huge semi-deserts are the other features of the west

The east

The East, is the homeland of Chingges Khan. Born in the northeast of Mongolia. From there he moved out to create the largest world empire on earth. The East is also the Unknown East. Barely described in literature, seldom traveled, it nevertheless holds a lot that is worth seeing. The unique combination of dry steppe and large lake landscapes make this region one of the most biologically interesting areas in Mongolia.

Russia - Lake Baikal

Russia, the huge terrain to the north of Mongolia, is a challenge in of it self. In close range to Mongolia, in the middle of the Siberian mountains, lies one of Russia's pearls - Lake Baikal. Baikal Nuur or rich lake, is the deepest lake on earth and also holds the oldest fresh water.

Individual on the way

Certainly, you don't have to travel Mongolia in a group. You can also do it individually. Then you are completely independent, can decide for yourself what you want to see, set the time limit and the form itself.

Rent a Car

Driving a jeep by yourself is one option how to explore Mongolia by yourself really best. Steppenfuchs Reisen has a suitable off-road vehicle for you to choose from. Our special highlight is that you can pick up your desired vehicle at almost any point in Mongolia.