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On this page you will find our trips to special topics of Mongolia. We have put together a wide range of trips to the Naadam festival in summer, the unique "golden eagle festival" of the eagle hunters in western Mongolia, to the reindeer people in the north at Lake Kuvsguul with their ice festival, the nomads and many other topics. These trips are in the majority very individual and special. They are more for relaxation and deepening of themes. For example our tour to the nomad families, where you get intensive contact to the people and experience how the nomads manage their daily life. You will be a guest of nomads for a few days in different regions. On this trip there is no organized program, but you decide yourself if you prefer to ride, hike or experience the daily life of the nomads.

Naadam / Eaglefestival / 1000 Camel`s

In Mongolia there are several festivals that you should definitely experience. It starts in winter with the Ice Festival, where one of the most attractive and biggest winter events in Mongolia takes place on the frozen Khusguul Lake. It is a unique opportunity to discover and explore one of the most fascinating and mysterious corners of the earth in winter. It is followed by the 1,000 camp festival in the South Gobi. A padang to the ice festival only in the desert. The big state naadam festival in July is then the highlight and with the unique "golden Eaglefestival" at the beginning of October, where the eagle hunters show their arts, then ends the festival season in Mongolia. These are all unique events and each has its own character.


Expedition, or discovery / research trip, is a journey into an unknown, or pathless terrain. At Steppenfuchs Reisen we don't want to be that extreme, but we do have some trips that are a bit further away from the normal adventure trips, also in the geographical sense. Steppenfuchs Reisen has some trips that lead to the highest mountains of the Mongolian Altai as well as to the untouched east of Mongolia.